Students always learn on real instruments.

Further, they learn on really good instruments. I love gear, and it is a priority to have high quality, 100% functional, & professional grade instruments and equipment in the teaching studio. It is encouraging for students to play instruments that work well + sound good, and helps with their confidence. The studio has 3 drum sets, an upright piano, multiple electronic keyboards, a Hammond organ, guitars, amps, recording equipment... just to name a few!


Contact me for a free trial lesson for you or your child and you will be able to see for yourself!


Personalized curriculum + real music for every student.

I create a custom curriculum for each student that incorporates their individual interests. AC/DC, Bach, The Beatles, Beethoven, Foo Fighters, Brahms- we will focus on music you care about! Every student has the opportunity to learn many types of music, as well as opportunities to apply that music. 

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Fun, patience, and comfort.

My guarantee is to always be patient and encourage students to learn by going at their own pace and making lessons fun! As Bennett Drum Studio is a home-based teaching studio, we were able to create a comfortable parent lounge-- complete with activities to entertain any siblings during lesson times. Bennett Drum Studio is located in Lawrenceville, GA, near Tribble Mill Park. Remember--skype/facetime lessons are also available!

Contact me for a free trial lesson-- and an opportunity for me to show you around the studio!